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Welcome to the recording studio in Baar / ZG

For music, language, noises and other exciting topics in the audio sector

..... look around ... there is a lot to see and hear

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The basic idea of the studio


The idea behind the sound studio tongarage is to implement creativity, enjoyment of work and exciting projects in the audio sector. We particularly value supporting young, ambitious bands, individual artists, choirs, etc. from a wide variety of genres. This is done individually and cannot be described in general. So get in touch with us and convince us with your ideas. When we catch fire, there is almost always a way to go.



The entire studio area is approx. 100m2 and is divided into four rooms of different sizes.



To run a sound studio you need a good team that carries out the work professionally, efficiently and effectively. The studio tongarage should be a place in which the artist feels comfortable and in good hands, so that he can develop optimally. Exciting and interesting works are only created in such an environment.


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Recording / Mixdown Caboomba

As can be seen from the "Current" section, the recording / video shoot for the rhythm textbook "Caboomba" took place on the first weekend in March in Freiburg iB


Recording and Pre-Production WhatRules?

On the occasion of the official opening we had the band "WhatRules?" in the studio. Awesome what the young band has delivered, even with the difficult situation during the official opening -


Voice recordings for MBSR

Voice recordings were made for the guidance of the body scan from the MBSR method. Further productions are planned for the beginning of 2020.

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We look forward to hearing from you, be it for an offer, a viewing or other questions that you would like to have answered. Get in touch using the contact form or directly on +41 79 544 40 52.

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