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The basic idea of the studio

The idea behind the sound studio tongarage is to implement creativity, fun while working and exciting projects in the audio field. We particularly value supporting young, ambitious bands, individual artists, choirs, etc. in a wide variety of genres. This is done individually and can not be described in general. So get in touch with us and convince us with your ideas. If we've caught fire, we almost always find ways to cooperate.

The tongarage has no fixed prices as many different factors change from project to project. We are particularly happy to support young, "hungry" artists, provided we feel your enthusiasm, your joy and the will to create and complete something together.


In order to provide a reference point, we have decided to define a "standard price" (this includes recording, editing, mixing and producing). The price is based on an hourly studio rate of 60CHF and includes all activities including equipment that we offer. From our point of view, it is particularly important, when recording, that the artist is not under any pressure to fully exhaust the costs for a daily rate, we believe, working is done much better in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, there are usually two sound engineers involved in the recording process.

The entire studio area is approx. 100m2 and is divided into four different sized rooms.

The recording room # 1 - "Cadillac"


At the moment the recording room "Cadillac" is used for rehearsals and demo recordings by the band forty9dot6. For larger productions this can be used in addition to the second recording room ("Pontiac").


The recording room # 2 - "Pontiac"

The "Pontiac" recording room is slightly larger and is our main recording room. Most of our recordings take place here.

The control room


The control room is the heart of every studio. We decided for a modern way of operation for the control room, i.e. we deliberately avoided using a large analog mixer and use touchscreens as a virtual work surface.


The passage & lounge area

Creative work also requires a cozy, harmonious environment. We have made sure that everyone feels comfortable in our indoor area / lounge. People can sit, discuss, and drink ... in this atmosphere, ideas, patterns, licks, melodies and texts are developed all the way to finished songs.

Our technical equipment in the studio

IN order to get an idea of how we are technically set up, below we listed the most important parts of our equipment here (This list is not exhaustive as devices may change or our inventory is expanded).


- Slate Raven MTI2 (with studio furniture) - ProTools V03.2020

- Cubase V10.5


- Heritage Audio RAM System 2000 monitor controller

- PSI A21M

- PSI Sub A225M

- Avatone Mix Cubes active

- Behringer Powerplay P16-I

- Behringer Powerplay 16-M


- PreAmp: Handcrafted Lab HCL T-8

- PreAmp: RME Octamic

- PreAmp: Motu 8M

- 2x Motu 24ai

- Motu 24ao

- Motu B-16

- Ghielmetti 48x 48 patch panel


- 1x Avalon U5

- Various other DIs as needed


- Drums (4-piece set):

- Tama Starlassic Bubinga B42s

- Tama Warlord Massai KGB 146 (14 ")

- Mapex Black Panther (13 ")

- Basin: Sabian HHX / Meinl Byzance

- Cajon

- Bass amplifier: G & K MB 800 Fusion

- Bass cabinet: G & K Neo 410

- Bass Combo: MarkBass 121

.... as well as other small instruments, percussion, etc.

Microphone dynamic:

- 1x Electro Voice RE20

- 1x Solomon MiCS LoFreqSub-Mic

- 4x Sennheiser MD421U

- 2x Sennheiser e602II

- 1x Sennheiser e906

- 1x Shure SM7B

- 1x Shure Beta 92

- 1x Shure Beta 91a

Microphone condenser:

- 2x AKG C1000C

- 1x AKG C414-B

- 2x AKG C460B

- 2x Slate Digital M-1

- 2x Slate Digital M-2

- 2x SPL nugget 2275

- 2x Neumann KM184

- 2x Neumann TLM103

- 2x Warm Audio WA-14

- 2x JZ-6

- 2x CAD M9 (pipe)

Microphone ribbon:

- 1x Superlux R102

- 1x Beyerdynamic M130

- 2x Royer R122

- 1x Prodipe Stereo Ribbon

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