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To run a sound studio you need a good team that carries out the work professionally, efficiently and effectively. The studio tongarage should be a place in which the artist feels comfortable and in good hands, so that he can develop optimally. Exciting and interesting works are only created in such an environment.

The studio tongarage is currently operated by the following people:

Beda Rickenbacher

Beda is the initiator and owner of the studio. He was on the road with an acapella band for many years and was able to gain experience primarily in the live mixing area. In addition, there were many small projects in which he could gain experience and contribute. For several years he has also been playing as a bass player in two bands on various stages ( original , forty9dot6 ).

Since 2018 he has completed the “official” training as a sound engineer (FH). During this time I wanted to build my own sound studio. Work began in the second half of 2018 and the tongarage is now ready for audiophile customers.

Elyas Sugiarto

Elyas is an important part of the studio team. He is a trained drum and drummer and has worked in various formations and projects. He also plays the guitar, sings and writes his own songs since his youth and thus discovered his interest in sound engineering.

Elyas works as an event technician and can therefore also bring experience and know-how in the live area to the tongarage team.

His path crossed with Beda's as part of his training to become a sound engineer (FH) (which he also successfully completed in 2018). The idea of ​​a collaboration arose on a joint project. Creativity and musicality are his strengths and he lives them out in the tongarage projects.

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