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Here we will publish up-to-date, interesting information about the studio every now and then (studio blog)


March 31, 2019

The website is online ...

It's done! The website is now online.



The tongarage was labeled ....

Today all signs and labels were attached to the entrance and the large outer wall ... now everyone should be able to find the target tongarage easily. Our parking lot is now also marked with "tongarage".



The tongarage will be "opened" shortly ...

After various postponements, the time has come: the recording studio "tongarage" will soon open with an official opening event. The band "What Rules?" so that the visitors can experience live what it means to work in the studio. If you want more information, please use the contact form - we look forward to your message!



The tongarage is now on Instagram

We recently added an Instagram profile so that all friends and fans are quickly and easily informed about the latest news in the Tongarage. Follow us @tongaragebaar or link us with #tongaragebaar or click on the Instagram logo to go directly to our site.



The tongarage carries out the "official" opening

The "tongarage" in Baar is now officially opened. Many visitors came by and experienced live how a recording with a 5-piece band works. The band "WhatRules" did a great job and it was fun to work with them. Some visitors rub their eyes in amazement at what needs to be prepared for a professional recording and how much concentration is required of artists and sound engineers.

At this point, many thanks to all visitors for all the good wishes and feedback - we can really use that!



The tongarage plans for 2020

First of all we wish everyone an atmospheric New Year ... let's rock!

We are planning the first half a year. What is important to us, what do we want to adapt and what do we want to achieve? Exciting and interesting things are waiting for us in 2020. Stay tuned!

We look forward to new contacts, new projects and new challenges. Convince yourself of our service. We look forward to every new request!



The tongarage goes "on the road"

We are currently planning the external recording of a rhythm group in Freiburg iB

The aim is to create a film with high quality audio tracks as accompanying material for a rhythm textbook. The recording will take place in a small theater, which is a good acoustics. The miking will still be challenging.

The final mix will then be done in the studio. More later in the "Work" section.



The tongarage goes "on the road" -> live mixing

The tongarage sponsors the double concert of the body music band clapappella and the mixed women's choir les belle et le femmes. For this we will combine our studio equipment with live equipment (we also do live events!).

The whole concert will be recorded and edited in the studio so that the video recordings can be enriched with a good soundtrack. More later in the "Work" section.

Update March 16, 2020 -> Postponed to a later date!


March 16, 2020

The tongarage & COVID-19

With a heavy heart, but out of deep solidarity with the people in the risk groups, we decided today to stop all activities until the situation has returned to normal. We wish you all a lot of health and patience and look forward to the time after ... it will come, we are quite sure - hand you all, take care!


The tongarage and live mixing

After thinking about it for a long time, we decided to offer live mixing as well. We now have our own equipment for small to medium-sized events, and we rent it for larger events. From now on we look forward to your inquiries and are happy to advise you.



The tongarage & COVID-19 - The restart

Due to the new situation, we decided to start the restart. Since May 15th the studio has resumed normal operation, of course in compliance with the hygiene rules. We noticed how important it is to bring joy back, be it with us as the operator or with the artists that we can welcome again in the studio. We are already looking forward to the next inquiries - don't hesitate ...

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-17 at

May 16, 2020

New song is being produced

Based on a simple pre-production it is our turn to produce a song for a colleague. First the style had to be defined, which was not easy because the song offered itself for several directions.

On Saturday we did the drum recording. From now on it goes on step by step ... New ideas keep coming up, which makes the process extremely exciting. We will report more later under "Working".



New own production

We are producing a "tongarage" song. This will then be used for advertising purposes. It will be a potpourri of various instruments, styles, grooves, etc.

Fragments of it will then also be used for the planned video about the tongarage. We take this production as a gap filler, but still with the idea of having the whole thing ready by the end of this year.



Cool production

We started production in February, but unfortunately we were stopped suddenly by the Corona Lockdown. Now it goes on with the song "Signify" by Köbi .... a cool song which he wrote himself and which we can now produce in the studio.

... a not very common playing position ... but if it fits, then that's wonderful ...


More later under "Work"

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