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We look forward to hearing from you, be it for an offer, viewing or other questions that you would like to have answered. Get in touch using the contact form or directly on +41 79 544 40 52.

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You can find us here. Please note: without prior registration (contact form, e-mail or telephone), it is possible that nobody is on site and / or that we do not want to be disturbed because we are currently immersed in a project.


The tongarage has no fixed prices as many different factors change from project to project. We are particularly happy to support young, "hungry" artists, provided we feel your enthusiasm, joy and the will to implement something. Therefore, get in touch with us so that we can discuss your project.

In order to provide a reference point, we have decided to define a "standard price" (this includes recording, editing, mixing or producing). The price is based on an hourly studio rate of 60CHF and includes all activities including equipment that we offer. From our point of view, it is particularly important when recording that the artist is not under pressure to fully exhaust the costs for a daily rate, because as a rule it works much better in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, there are usually two sound engineers involved in the recording.

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